I’ll tell you what we’re doing.I started doing vinyl stickers because of my love of designing and creating intricate designs and offering popular designs.So what happened? Why has the site been dormant for 3 years?

Ebay.  I launched an ebay store and sold way too many things and burnt myself out.  Something I loved doing became a second job and it burnt me out – I’m going to start moving away from an organized unloved mess that this website has become and try to get back to doing what I enjoy… and maybe you will like it too? Either way I’m getting back to doing this the way I like to do it and spreading my creativity and embracing your ideas and making stuff fun again.


I’ll be fixing the layout over the next few weeks and leaving this spot for updates and sharing stuff with people that happen to come to the site, I want feedback and communication with people, I want to offer what you want and share your creativity and needs with others!