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I’ll tell you what we’re doing.I started doing vinyl stickers because of my love of designing and creating intricate designs and offering popular designs.So what happened? Why has the site been dormant for 3 years? Ebay.  I launched an ebay store and sold way too many things and burnt myself out.  Something I loved doing […]

Before you continue reading, CLEAN THE AREA YOU WILL BE APPLYING THE STICKER TO. I can not stress this enough, if you’re window or car is dirty and there is dust, the sticker will be adhering to dust or dirt and not stick properly! Ok.  So what you’re going to receive is a vinyl decal, […]

On the website I offer the following colors for all products: White | Black | Red | Blue | Pink | Orange | Green  | Purple | Silver These are essential and basic colors.  If you want to fine tune or get a different shade or a custom color I can find it.  I purchase my vinyl from a local distributor – if […]

  If you would like a custom color, design or something personal made, I would love to help!  Just drop me a line and I’ll get back to you asap.